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Careers in Phlebotomy
Phlebotomy is a specialized medical field that involves extracting blood sample from the veins of the patients by using fine needles. These blood samples are used for various medical purposes, such as medical diagnosis, blood transfusion, and blood donation. The medical professionals working in this field are known as Phlebotomist or a Phlebotomy Technician.
You need to earn a relevant diploma in phlebotomy after your senior secondary education to begin your career as a phlebotomist. Course curriculum trains students on various aspects related to the process of phlebotomy, such as blood extraction techniques, methods of documentation, report generation, lab safety policies and procedures, etc. After completing your course in phlebotomy, you need to gain relevant certification from the authorized health agency at state or national level for better job prospects.

Well-trained phlebotomists are in great demand in health care industry that includes blood banks, clinical laboratories, diagnosis centers, pharmaceutical firms, research organizations, hospitals, government hospital units, nursing homes, government health agencies, etc.  You may lead to the positions of phlebotomy supervisor and phlebotomy lab in-charge after gaining requisite experience and proving your competence in this medical field.

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